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Sponsors of DMIN



This is the list of sponsors of the WORLDCOMP'10 conferences. You can also find the same information at the WORLDCOMP'10 website

Currently being prepared - The sponsors will include a number
of active research labs and centers that have helped to shape
our field.

The Academic sponsors of the last offering of DMIN & WORLDCOMP included research labs and centers affiliated with United States Military Academy, Harvard University, MIT, Argonne National Lab., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Minnesota, University of Texas at Austin, Georgia Institute of Technology, George Mason
University, Vienna University of Technology, University of Siegen, Russian Academy of Sciences, University of Iowa,
SECLAB (Italy), University of North Dakota, Texas A&M University, National Institute for Health Research,
International Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine, Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies, and European
Commission. For 2010, we will also include The Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing/BISC of University of California,
Berkeley (confirmed.)


In recent offerings of WORLDCOMP/DMIN, corporate sponsors included: Google, Intel, Salford Systems, Element CXI, Synplicity, NIIT, SuperMicro, HPCNano, Council on Medical & Care Compunetics, Scientific Tech. Corp., HoIP, GridToday.

Information for Exhibitors & Sponsors

DMIN'10 offers a variety of silver, gold and platinum sponsorships which relate directly to events of DMIN'10. In addition, you may extend your engagement towards other relevant conferences. Please contact the DMIN'10 Exhibits Chair directly:

Exhibits & Corporate Sponsor Chair: Wolfram Lippe
eMail: exhibits-chair@dmin-2010.com



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Robert Stahlbock
General Conference Chair

E-mail: conference-chair@dmin-2010.com

Sven F. Crone

Programme Chair

E-mail: programme-chair@dmin-2010.com


Wolfram Lippe

Exhibits & Corporate Sponsor Chair

E-mail: exhibits-chair@dmin-2010.com


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